Terms, Shipping & Returns


SUPPLIES & CONSUMABLES Terms & Conditions: Due to the nature of beekeeping and the ability to spread disease through tools, clothing, and equipment we are unable to receive returns for used items. We also do not take returns for honeybee medications, honeybee feed or food for human consumption. Honeybees are not returnable or refundable.

Please inspect your purchases and let us know immediately of any defects in the products.  We will happily replace anything that isn’t as it should be upon delivery.
If you have any questions regarding our policy please email us at sales@urbanbeesupplies.ca, or call us at 604-364-1993.

After you have placed an online order and made payment, and then later you contact us to cancel the order after we have prepared it for shipping or pick-up we may charge a restocking fee of $0.40 per item ordered.

PACKAGED BEES Terms & Conditions: All package pre-payments include a $30 non-refundable deposit per package. If you have to cancel a package reservation with us, we will grant a refund for each package reservation canceled minus the $30 deposit for each package. For example, if you reserved 2 packages at $250 each for a total of $500, and later cancel your reservation for both packages we will provide a refund for $440 and retain the $60 non-refundable deposit amount.

Upon receiving full payment we consider you to have reserved a spot for the selected package shipment. Upon providing full payment we will provide confirmation of your reservation and we’ll begin providing updates via email as we get closer to the delivery date. Although we will set more specific dates as time goes on, at no point can we guarantee that the expected delivery dates will not change. This is due to the nature of livestock production and the shipping process involved.

If a delivery date has been set, and you cancel less than 7 days prior to delivery, we will only provide a 50% refund.

If you cancel a package reservation and a refund is issued to you, and then at a later date you reserve packages with us again for the same shipment, we will require payment in full again. We will not provide a credit for any amounts withheld from prior cancellations.

Upon package arrival, we will make packages available for pick-up for the 2 days following the date of arrival. We provide packages feed until pick-up, and will provide them the best care we can to keep them in good health. If you choose to pick them up after the designated 2-day pick-up period we will continue to care for them but we DO NOT guarantee their health and if colonies begin to experience attrition (such as some amount of colony loss or stress-related symptoms such as dysentery) we will not provide any form of refund. We highly encourage customers to pick-up in the set 2-day time frame. We will be providing extended hours during this 2-day period to maximize customer’s convenience.

If your package(s) arrive and we have not heard from you by the end of the designated pick-up period after attempting to contact you, we will attempt to supply the packages to another customer. In these circumstances we will provide neither a full or partial refund even if we do find another customer.

As this is livestock we cannot guarantee the number of packages ordered by us will always be provided. Although unlikely, the possibility of production issues on our supplier’s side may result in some amount of our order being canceled. In the very unlikely circumstance this does occur we will provide customers with the option of switching to another shipment and/or receiving full refunds. We have not had this occur to us so far, but due to the nature of livestock production it is a possibility (possible reasons for undersupply would be extreme weather issues, natural disasters, etc.)

Once packages are shipped to us by our supplier we DO NOT guarantee their safe arrival. There is always a possibility of losses in transit, and while losses in transit are rare they can & do occur. This is an unavoidable risk of international livestock transportation. If losses do occur, we will supply to as many customers as possible packages that are in good health. If we are unable to supply to some customers, we will work to the best of our ability to arrange for a supplementary shipment or transfer their reservation to an upcoming shipment. In the unlikely scenario we are unable to secure additional packages for customers, we will provide a full refund including the non-refundable deposit.

RETURNS Terms & Conditions: For items that can be returned and which have been shipped, we are happy to receive a return via Canada Post. Upon the items safe return, we can issue a refund for the relevant item. We will not provide any refund or compensation for the cost of the shipping to return the item except in circumstances where the item was determined to have been shipped defective.