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Wooden Bee Escape (Cone Style)


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Wooden bee escape with bee escape cones. Simply place between your honey supers and brood boxes. Bees can exit into the bottom boxes but find it difficult to re-enter. This is an excellent chemical-free way to harvest honey with minimal impact or stress on bees, and which minimises bee activity during honey harvest.

Make sure after you place the escapes that all other entrances to the honey supers are sealed off. Place for about 2 days and then take off your honey supers; if you leave the escapes on for too long bees may begin to find their way back into the honey supers, and they will have an opportunity to draw comb in the escape space. Please note that typically a minimal amount of comb building may occur in the space provided; this can easily be removed when taking off the escape. There will typically be some bees left in the honey supers after the 2 days (especially if there is a good amount of uncapped honey in the frames); these can easily be brushed off with a bee brush.

Made in Canada with Canadian pine and 40-mesh screen.


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Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 42 × 51 × 6 cm