Ultimate Kit with Plastic Frames


Deep Super × 2

9 5/8 Deep Super

Inner Cover

Standard dipped inner cover with hole

Hive Cover

Wax dipped hive covers with galvanized top

Screened Bottom Board with Drawer

Metal Frame Rests × 4

Locally made frame rests

Entrance Reducer

Multi sized entrance reducer

Plastic Frame Feeder - Deep

The best feeder in the business

One Piece Frame / Foundation-Deep × 20

Deep Whole Plastic Frames and Foundation by Acorn Plastics-this product is wax coated for better acceptance.


1 1/2 inch Galvanized Nails

1 1/2 inch Galvinized Nails

.2 lb

J Hook Hive Tool

J Hook Hive Tool

Bee Brush

Bee Brush

Smoker with Shield

Smoker with Shield

Frame Perch

Frame perch for holding frames during inspections

Drone Comb - Deep

Deep Drone Comb Frames

Cowboy Veil

Varroa Counter

Varroa Counter

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Our Ultimate Beekeeping kit has everything a new beekeeper would need. Perfect for someone just getting into the hobby or as the ultimate gift! It includes all the little things that we want with us when we go into our hives.

Kit includes:

2 deep unassembled supers
1 inner cover
1 hive cover
1 screened bottom board
4 metal frame rests
1 entrance reducer
1 frame feeder
20 Plastic Frame/Foundation (Deep/Black)
Nails for assembling supers
1 J hook hive tool
1 bee brush
1 regular smoker with shield
Frame Perch
Drone Comb
Cowboy Veil
Our new Varroa Counter

*Photo doesn’t show actual products in kit.

Additional information

Weight 25 kg
Dimensions 61 × 61 × 31 cm

One Piece Frame / Foundation-Deep

Weight 0.356 kg
Dimensions 49 × 23.5 × 4 cm


1 1/2 inch Galvanized Nails


.2 lb