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2021 Queens

$35.00 - $62.00

We will be offering a variety of queen options throughout the season. Please note that the website is set up to just take queens orders to ship for one type of queen at a time. Note: Please review Terms & Conditions when checking out, which includes a section on queen bee orders.

We also are accepting special orders for Australian Queens in April by special order in quantities of 50 and above (contact us), quantities and dates limited, pricing tentatively set as:

  • 50+: $36 ea, 100+: $34 ea, 300+ $32 ea — payment must be made by cash, debit, cheque, e-transfer or bank transfer

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Estimated Arrival Time to Our Store, for Pick-up & Shipping

Please note: that all of the below times are estimated unless otherwise noted, and even once dates are set they are subject to change, at times on short notice. This is due to the inherit risks involved in international livestock transportation, weather and other factors disrupting queen rearing and picking, and other apiculture and transportation variables that can disrupt plans from time to time. However generally once a tentative pick-up/shipping date has been set any variations from then on are slight.

    • Approx. April 26th: Carniolins from Chile
    • Approx. May 3rd: Buckfasts from Italy (NEW!)
    • Approx. May 12th: Carniolins from Chile
    • Approx. May 19th: Carpathians from Ukraine (NEW!) — This shipment is not yet confirmed, but we have an order for this date if it goes through.
    • Approx. June 2nd Buckfasts from Italy (NEW!)
  • Local Queens (Marked, produced in Langley):
    • 1st Batch: Approx. May 15th
    • 2nd Batch: Approx. May 25th
    • 3rd Batch: Approx. June 4th
    • 4th Batch: Approx. June 14th
    • 5th Batch: Approx. June 24th
    • 6th Batch: Approx. July 4th
    • 7th Batch: Approx. July 14th
    • 8th Batch: Approx. July 24th
    • 9th Batch: Approx. August 3rd
    • 10th Batch: Approx. August 13th

Shipping: All queen shipments will be available to ship unless otherwise noted. They will be shipped PRIORITY in ventilated boxes via Canada Post and will be trackable. There is NO insurance on live bees provided by Canada Post. Queens will be shipped out so as to ensure the shortest time possible in transit; for example, if they arrive on a Friday we will wait until Monday to ship them to avoid them waiting over the weekend in the postal system.

How we care for queens arrived to us: When queens arrive to our location they will receive care appropriate to the circumstances and time of year.

  1. Typically imported queens that arrive early in the season will generally be kept in the box they arrived in, in a stable room temperature location, in dim or dark conditions, receiving daily light feeding of sugar water until picked up or shipped. We encourage pick-up as soon as possible. We will also ship as soon as possible while still allowing the shortest amount of time in transit, which means we will likely wait until after weekends to ship.
  2. Typically local queens will be put into a queen bank upon arrival, allowing some extended time for pick-up and last minute sales. They are cared for by the surplus of young nurse bees maintained in the queen bank.

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~April 14 (Chile, Carniolin), ~April 26 (Chile, Carniolin), ~May 3 (Italy, Buckfast), ~May 12 (Chile, Carniolin), ~May 19 (Ukraine, Carpathian), ~June 2 (Italy, Buckfast), 1st Batch Local Marked Queens (Lower Mainland Produced), 2nd Batch Local Marked Queens (Lower Mainland Produced), 3rd Batch Local Marked Queens (Lower Mainland Produced), 4th Batch Local Marked Queens (Lower Mainland Produced), 5th Batch Local Marked Queens (Lower Mainland Produced), 6th Batch Local Marked Queens (Lower Mainland Produced), 7th Batch Local Marked Queens (Lower Mainland Produced), 8th Batch Local Marked Queens (Lower Mainland Produced), 9th Batch Local Marked Queens (Lower Mainland Produced), 10th Batch Local Marked Queens (Lower Mainland Produced)