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Temp Queen with QMP

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  • Suspended between the frames on a plastic tie tacked onto a frame
  • In nature, QMP induces a retinue of workers around the queen. The pheromone is picked up by the workers and distributed throughout the colony, resulting in it being queen right
  • Used to inhibit swarming for short periods and to supplement or temporarily replace a failing queen.
  • One TempQueen consists of a QMP-laden plastic core inside a short PVC tube
  • QMP exudes very slowly through the PVC walls of the tube. Attending workers pick it up by contact, and distribute it around the colony, just as they would with a living queen
  • TempQueen has been used successfully by beekeepers for over 20 years, with consistently excellent results.
  • The synthetic QMP in TempQueen precisely mimics the natural pheromone and is completely safe to both bees and people

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