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Fumagilin B


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Fumagilin-B is used for treating colonies that have a positive testing for Nosema. Read directions before using. 24 gram container treats 5-6 colonies. 96 gram bottle treats 19 colonies and 454g treats approx. 90 colonies. Please select bottle size below.  WE DO NOT ship medications outside of Canada.


April 12th, 2018 Update: Please be aware that we have been notified that the production of the active ingredient for Fumagilin-B is ending from the only supplier worldwide. Whether or not any other manufacturer will take over production in the future is unknown. For the time being, we are assuming that what Fumagilin-B we have now will be our last supply for the indefinite future, if not our last supply for good. We recommend purchasing Fumagilin-B now, as it will likely be out of stock in the coming weeks.

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