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Drawn Frame (Deep)


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Note: unfortunately we are not able to ship this item. This item is available for pick-up only. Not available for pick-up until after Saturday, March 9th.

These drawn frames are sourced from a local beekeeper. They have been irradiated to eliminate risks associated with disease retained in the comb.

These frames are an excellent resource for those starting new colonies who do not have drawn comb available, or for customers who wish to rapidly grow their colonies and have a shortage of drawn comb available.

The drawn comb allows the queen to quickly begin laying, which will allow for larger colonies and in turn larger honey crops. For package colonies it also helps young colonies resist cold weather, as they can cluster on the drawn frames which retain warmth far better than just foundation.

Please note that quantities are limited. We have been able to offer drawn frames 3 years in a row now, but we may not be able to do so again in the future as it is difficult to find beekeepers looking to sell drawn comb frames. Get yours now!

Please note that all drawn combs will be a bit different; some will be lighter and some will be darker with variation in the age of the comb. There also may at times be some with small amounts of capped honey or pollen. In all cases the irradiation has countered risks from disease. Please note that as these frames have previously been used for honey extraction, and most combs have some slight bruises to the wax or places where some deeper cuts have been made; this is typical, and bees will be able to correct any of these damages on the comb. Some comb may also be more wavy than other combs. We do not guarantee a completely uniform frame, or uniformity between frames. Some will have a plastic frame, some will have a wooden frame; likewise, some will have a plastic foundation and others will have a wax foundation.