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Drawn Comb (Irradiated)


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Starting a hive with brand new equipment?  Adding a few frames of drawn comb will give your bees a jump start!

Drawn comb is an essential component of any hive and while the bees can do this themselves it takes nearly 8 Kg of honey to produce 1Kg of Wax.  Save your bees that much time and energy by providing drawn out frames.


**These drawn foundations have assorted levels of former use and corresponding lightness/darkness, some will only be mostly drawn out on the frame, some sections may have slight damage/scraping or light wax moth damage, and there may be some amount of residual mold and pollen in frames or other residues left behind from previous use. As these frames have been irradiated they are disease free. These frames should be expected to fulfill the function of minimizing any wax building needing to be done by the bees, please do not expect perfectly drawn out and unmarred frames.

* These drawn combs are FRAGILE. In our experience they tend to get broken in transit, so we are making them pick-up only. Please handle with care on and after pick-up.


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