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Double Mite Counter Jar


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The Varroa Mite Counter Jar is an effective way to check mite levels. Can be used for the sugar roll  or the alcohol wash method.


 Sugar Roll method:

Collect 1 cup of live bees from the brood area. Close the jar with the screened lid and add enough icing sugar to coat the bees. Roll the bees in the sugar.  Fasten the other jar to the top, invert, and shake the powdered sugar into the second jar. Dissolve the remaining sugar in some water to count the mites. Release the live sugar-coated bees back into the hive.


 Alcohol Wash Method:

Fill the bottom jar with 50-100ml of rubbing alcohol or windshield washer fluid, add 1 cup of dead bees and shake for 90 seconds. The alcohol allows the mites to fall off the bees and collect in the opposing jar. If your sample contains mites, they can now be easily counted in the bottom of the jar.



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