Deluxe Kit with Plastic Frames


Deep Super × 2

9 5/8 Deep Super

Inner Cover

Standard dipped inner cover with hole

Hive Cover

Wax dipped hive covers with galvanized top

Screened Bottom Board with Drawer

Metal Frame Rests × 4

Locally made frame rests

Entrance Reducer

Multi sized entrance reducer

Plastic Frame Feeder - Deep

The best feeder in the business

One Piece Frame / Foundation-Deep × 20

Deep Whole Plastic Frames and Foundation by Acorn Plastics-this product is wax coated for better acceptance.


1 1/2 inch Galvanized Nails

1 1/2 inch Galvinized Nails

.2 lb

J Hook Hive Tool

J Hook Hive Tool

Bee Brush

Bee Brush

Smoker with Shield

Smoker with Shield

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Our Deluxe beginner beekeeping kit has everything a new beekeeper would need. Perfect for someone just getting into the hobby or as the ultimate gift!

Kit includes:

2 deep unassembled supers
1 inner cover
1 hive cover
1 screened bottom board
4 metal frame rests
1 entrance reducer
1 frame feeder
20 Plastic Frame/Foundation (Deep)
Nails for assembling supers
1 J hook hive tool
1 bee brush
1 regular smoker with shield

*Photo doesn’t show actual products in kit.

Additional information

Weight 25 kg
Dimensions 61 × 61 × 31 cm

One Piece Frame / Foundation-Deep

Weight 0.356 kg
Dimensions 49 × 23.5 × 4 cm


1 1/2 inch Galvanized Nails


.2 lb