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We currently are selling our last few 5-frame nucs – get yours now before they are gone! We may not have any other nuc options later on.

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For customers interested in picking up bees from Victoria please contact Urban Bee Honey Farm at 250-580-0263.


All nucleus colonies are locally raised, with mostly imported queens. We are currently offering a 5-frame nuc option for pick-up only, on May 28th. We are taking full payment to reserve nucs. Please review all details below and the Terms & Conditions at checkout prior to processing payment. All nucs purchased include a $30 non-refundable deposit; please review cancellation details in our Terms & Conditions. 

Once picked-up all nucs should be hived after a few days to avoid swarming. If you are not able to hive your nuc immediately you will need to place it in the spot it will be hived, and let the bees fly in the meantime.

All nucs come in plastic or cardboard nuc boxes that you get to keep.

Please note that our expected costs can change closer to the delivery dates, and as such prices are subject to change. If you have already reserved with us and we reduce our price you will receive a refund or credit for the difference. If we increase our price you keep the lower price.

Note to New Beekeepers: These nucs contain only the honeybees, queen and a few frames for a new hive, and you will also need to separately purchase hive equipment to install them into. We offer beginner beekeeping kits which are a great options for new beekeepers. You will also need protective clothing (we normally recommend beginners start with a full suit).


5 Frame local Nucs (PICK-UP ONLY) – MAY 28th PICK-UP

1-9 QTY: $275
10-19 QTY: $268*
20-39 QTY: $260*
40+ QTY: $250*
Must be paid via cash, debit, cheque or e-transfer.

If ordering 10 or more nucs, please contact us directly to let us know and we will provide information for making payment via cash, debit, cheque or e-transfer.

604-364-1993 //


Pick-Up Location & Times

All nuc pick-ups will be at 6721 Ladner Trunk Road, Delta, BC V4K 5C8. Pick-up times will be set as we are provided with delivery times by our nuc suppliers; once we set pick-up times we will confirm with you by email. Our Hives for Humanity 4-frame option will have multiple deliveries throughout May, and our 5-frame nuc option currently has a later May delivery planned (May 28th is currently set as the date of pick-up.).

Once dates are set they are still subject to possible changes. When there are multiple dates for pick-up, we will provide pick-up dates to customers based on the order we received reservations in.


Terms & Conditions

Before purchasing nucs you must agree to the Terms and Conditions for purchases. These will be included in full at the checkout window; please review them prior to processing your payment.  All nuc purchases include a $30 non refundable deposit.  Should you cancel your order before the bees arrive on site you will receive a refund less the deposit.  If you fail to pickup your bees on the delivery day without otherwise making arrangements with us you forfeit your bees and payment.

When proceeding to checkout and filling the ‘Billing/Shipping & Payment Details’ page, you will be required to check off “I have read and agree to the website terms and conditions”. You can click on “terms and conditions” to review all details; please thoroughly review the “PACKAGED BEES & NUCS Terms & Conditions” section which is most relevant to your order. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions upon review.


Upon selecting “I have read and agree to the website terms and conditions” and completing your order, Urban Bee Supplies Inc. takes you to have agreed to those Terms & Conditions.


Nuc boxes are not always 100% bee-tight; we recommend you either pick your bees up in a truck, or if you must pick-up in a vehicle where your nuc is in the vehicle with you we suggest you bring a sheet (like a bed sheet) with you to cover the nuc colony. You may also wish to bring duct tape or packaging tape to assist with sealing the box. We assume that the customer has made adequate preparations for safe transportation for the bees and for themselves. Urban Bee Supplies Inc. assumes no responsibility for any damages incurred during loading or transportation of the bees. These details are also included with the Terms & Conditions which will be included at checkout.



Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. Please also feel free to contact us if you would like to pay via credit card over the phone, or would like to arrange for payment via another method.
604-364-1993 //

NOTE: Shipping options are disabled for all items if you have nucs in your cart. If you currently have items in your cart that you would like to order shipped, please complete that order first. You can then complete your honeybee nuc order as a separate transaction.