Swarm Aids

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    Cardboard Nuc Box (Assembled)

    Cardboard Nuc Box


  • Jester Nuc Box

    Five frame Nuc Box made from Corrugated Plastic. Comes Assembled.

    $24.95 - $27.95
  • Slatted Rack

    Slatted Racks sometimes fly below the radar as one of the most useful pieces of woodenware for your operation. The slatted rack is helpful with overwintering and swarm control. ┬áIt allows the queen to lay lower in the comb and … Read More
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    Swarm Lure Pheromone (5 pack)

    SwarmCatch is used to bait an empty hive (or other receptacle) to induce a swarm to settle and be captured. In nature, Nasonov pheromone is released by bees returning to the hive to tell other bees that this is the … Read More
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    Temp Queen with QMP

    Suspended between the frames on a plastic tie tacked onto a frame In nature, QMP induces a retinue of workers around the queen. The pheromone is picked up by the workers and distributed throughout the colony, resulting in it being … Read More
    $16.50 - $129.00
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    Wooden Nuc Box

    Wooden Nuc Box-Locally Made with Cedar