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  • 1 1/2″ Wide Plug

    Ideal for cardboard nuc boxes.

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    Cardboard Nuc Box (Assembled)

    Cardboard Nuc Box

    CURRENTLY OUT OF PLUGS, PRICE HAS BEEN REDUCED ACCORDINGLY FROM $27.95 to $27.20. Tape and/or mesh may work adequately as an alternative for blocking bottom hole if needed.

  • Jester Nuc Box

    Five frame Nuc Box made from Corrugated Plastic. Comes Assembled.

    $24.95 - $27.95
  • Metal Entrance Disc

    Control traffic in and out of your nuc box or hive with this steel entrance disc. Designed with four entrance functions: Open access Closed Queen excluder and Ventilation Simply mount with a screw onto your hive. Requires a hive with … Read More
  • Nuc Box Strap

    This Nuc Box Strap is made of polypropylene and is designed to fit around your nuc box for secure handling. Each strap features an adjustable ladder buckle. Measures ¾” x 60″ (1.91 cm x 152.40 cm).
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    Wooden Nuc Box

    Wooden Nuc Box-Locally Made with Cedar