Feed Additives

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    Caspian Solution

    500 gram bottle will provide 150 treatments.

    $4.00 - $330.00
  • Hive Alive

    Hive Alive is a feed supplement scientifically proven to deliver stronger colonies, increase honey production, keep disease levels low and improve over-winter success. Hive Alive contains a blend of unique seaweeds, scientifically selected for honeybee health. Simply add to sugar … Read More
    $26.95 - $224.95
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    Pro Health is a feeding stimulant composed of lemongrass and spearmint (essential oils concentrate) Pro Health helps promote healthy vigorous hives when used as a feeding stimulant during late winter, early spring and during dearths of nectar. Pro Health has … Read More
    $37.95 - $194.95