Extracting Tools

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  • Deluxe Uncapping Fork

    The Deluxe Upcapping Fork is excellent quality and will last you many years. It has a stainless steel cut that is very durable. Originally produced as an aid to remove the cappings on honey frames, the uncapping fork is also … Read More
  • Fume Board

    The Fume board is an extractor aid that helps remove bees from honey supers. Apply Fisher’s Bee Quick or another bee deterrent to the felt underside of the fume board in an “X” or zigzag pattern. Place the fume board … Read More
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    Nylon Honey Gate

    Nylon Honey Gates for Buckets

  • Pail Opener

    Perfect for opening pails of honey or medications.


  • Pail Perch

    Transfer your honey from pail to pail easily with this stainless steel pail perch. Holds your pail in place so you can get every last drop.
  • Quebec Style Bee Escape

    A chemical-free way to encourage bees to leave the honey supers during extracting season. Place the escape board between the brood chambers and the honey supers. The bees find their way down into the brood chambers through a maze on … Read More
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    Uncapping Knife

    Manual Uncapping Knife

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    Uncapping Knife – Electric

    This electric uncapping knife remains heated throughout the uncapping process, allowing for smooth and easy cuts. Ideal for small or large operations.
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    Uncapping Roller

    Uncapping roller

  • Wooden Pollen Trap with Side Drawer

    We’ve tried all kinds of traps and this one is worth the money. This pollen trap will get the job done with limited moisture and loss of product. 100% Made in Canada.