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  • Local Nucs (2021) – Deposit

    Accepting deposits for 2021 honeybee nucs to reserve at this time. Prices are not yet set. These deposits do not yet correspond to specific dates, and nucs of the type selected will be provided based on the order of priority and nuc availability. Generally, we expect we will be able to supply to customers no earlier than mid-May, and no later than late June. Prior to reserving feel free to reach out to us to see about approximate times you will receive nuc based on current reservations.


    Once prices are finalized we will reach out by email and provide a 2-week period for you to confirm your reservation AND provide the remainder of the payment to lock in your spot on the reservation list. You WILL NOT lose your deposit if you instead cancel your reservation during this 2-week confirmation period, as we understand a difference in options or pricing from what you were hoping for will effect your decision. In the case of a timely cancellation during (or before) this 2 week confirmation period we will fully refund your deposit.


    For more details on the current nuc plan for 2021, including specifics of deposits and reservation, please read all information below prior to placing your deposit.

    $30.00 - $30.00