Join us for our ‘In the Hive’ beekeeping workshop series, which aims to offer regular field days and seminars to help beekeepers approach each month of beekeeping with confidence. These workshops will cover topics relevant to the current or upcoming season, and where possible will involve hands-on time.  Come meet with professional experienced beekeepers to discuss the key fundamentals to get you through the hurdles of the season.  We understand that beekeeping is an expensive hobby which you’ve invested your time and money into, let us help you make your journey a success.  We welcome students to bring along photos and their questions.   Come out and meet other local beekeepers for a fun and informative session!

Upcoming Workshop Dates:

September 13th, 2020: The Honey Harvest

Ready to get a little sticky? Join Master beekeeper Brian Campbell on September 13th for this fun hands-on honey harvesting workshop. This workshop is intended for new and experienced beekeepers looking for guidance in the not-so-simple process of honey extraction.

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September 19th & 20th, 2020: Wasps & Beekeeping Workshop

Join Master Beekeeper Brian Campbell on September 19th or 20th for this informative workshop intended to help beekeepers better understand wasps, their role in the environment, and how we as beekeepers can co-exist with them as peacefully, productively and happily as possible with the right knowledge, tools and strategies.

2 Sessions Available –  Click Below for more details!

Previous Workshops:

September 5th, 2020: Winterizing your Bees

Instructor Julia Common leads this seminar on prepping hives in September & October to go into Winter strong, healthy and well provisioned.

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