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Free Seminar Series

Join us for FREE ongoing beekeeping seminars each month at Urban Bee Supplies.  Come meet with professional experienced beekeepers to discuss the key fundamentals to get you through the hurdles of the season.  We understand that beekeeping is an expensive hobby which you've invested your time and money into, let us help you make your journey a success.  Seminars are free to all beekeepers.  We welcome students to bring along photos and their questions.   Come out and meet other local beekeepers for a fun and informative afternoon.   All students receive a 5% discount on purchases made after the class has finished (this excludes the purchase of livestock).

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Session Classes and Dates:

Summer Management: Skills Session

Let us help you bee-come the best beekeeper you can be with our free monthly seminars. This class is intended for people who already keep bees, and not those without knowledge of the hobby.

Join Julia Common of Hives for Humanity and Lindsay Dault from Urban Bee Supplies for an evening of free fun education. In this class were doing a Skills session, we'll show you how to light a smoker, deconstruct a hive, mark queens and a pile of other things.   Every class includes an open question session, where everyone leaves with a better understanding of the hive. The class runs from 5pm to 7pm at Urban Bee Supplies in Delta. Doors close at 5:15pm so please arrive on time.

Only one ticket available for reservation per email address.

Date: June 23, 2019

Time: 5:00pm- 7:00pm

Location: 6721 Ladner Trunk Road, Delta BC

Please follow the below link to reserve your seat in this class.