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Join us for FREE ongoing beekeeping seminars each month at Urban Bee Supplies.  Come meet with professional experienced beekeepers to discuss the key fundamentals to get you through the hurdles of the season.  We understand that beekeeping is an expensive hobby which you've invested your time and money into, let us help you make your journey a success.  Seminars are free to all beekeepers.  We welcome students to bring along photos and their questions.   Come out and meet other local beekeepers for a fun and informative afternoon.   All students receive a 10% discount on purchases made after the class has finished (this excludes the purchase of livestock).

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Current Seminar Dates:

September 26th: Final Hive Assessments & Winter Preparation

Come join us on Thursday September 26th for our FREE 2-hour seminar discussing the assessment and final preparation of hives for the coming winter. Please be aware this seminar does assume attendees have prior beekeeping experience and a grasp of the basics of beekeeping.

If you are new to beekeeping and interested in learning the basics we recommend emailing us at so we can provide information for upcoming beginner courses!

Master beekeeper and BCHPA certified instructor Lindsay Dault will be leading the seminar. Lindsay is the founder and former owner of Urban Bee Supplies with many years of experience in helping new beekeepers get their start in beekeeping. She currently manages 80 hives for her Vancouver Island based honey store Country Bee Honey Farm.

This session will take place between 7:00-9:00 PM. Each ticket reserves one seat. Some coffee and light snacks/treats will be provided.

All attendees will receive 10% off purchases in store after the day of the seminar. This is a great chance to stock up on your late season and overwinter supplies. Due to the later hour of the seminar, and to avoid long line-ups, we will offer a chance to place an order about a week after the event and still receive the attendee discount!

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