Need help preparing your hives for winter?

Join us in class, or via email for this winter prep course.

What will you learn and how does the class work? All students will be sent emails from the middle of August until the end of November with specific duties to perform in your hives.  These duties will be the essential keys to having success throughout the winter.  They are tried and tested, and they work!!  At the beginning of November, we’ll have an in-class workshop for 3-4 hours reviewing the duties performed, understanding why they were done, and preparing for spring build up.  Don’t lose your bees this winter, the worst thing for a beekeeper is opening your hive in the middle of December to a pile of wet moldy bees.  We can help!!  We will give you varying options on what to do, and all you have to do is follow along.  It’s easy.  And the email reminders will keep you on track.

Why are there 2 different options for classes? This year we’re offering 2 class options, one is for students that just want to receive the emails throughout the fall and winter, the other class is for those students that want the emails, along with a 3-hour review class and personal group instruction with Lindsay Dault.

3 hour Wintering Workshop at Urban Bee Supplies: $50.00

Where: Urban Bee Supplies Inc. @ 6721 Ladner Trunk Road
Date:Saturday November 3, 2018
Time: 9am-12pm or 2pm-5pm
Location: 6721 Ladner Trunk Road, Delta B.C, V4K 5C8

Am Class Link

PM Class Link

Wintering Workshop via Email: $20.00

Where: Updates will be sent via email as needed throughout the season, this class is suitable for those in the lower mainland and Vancouver Island.
Date: As needed from August-February

Email Class Link: