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Large Rapid Feeder

This feeder is placed on top of the inner cover and aligns with the centre hole.  The bees can climb up through the centre to access. The clear cap separates the bees from the sugar syrup, allowing them to drink from the … Read More

Small Metal Entrance Disc

Control traffic in and out of your nuc box or hive with this steel entrance disc. Disc Diameter: 2 3/4 ” Designed with four entrance functions: Open access Closed Queen excluder and Ventilation Simply mount with a screw onto your … Read More

Pail Perch

Transfer your honey from pail to pail easily with this stainless steel pail perch. Holds your pail in place so you can get every last drop.


Join us for our ‘In the Hive’ beekeeping workshop series, which aims to offer regular field days and seminars to help beekeepers approach each month of beekeeping with confidence. These workshops will cover topics relevant to the current or upcoming … Read More


Meet Your Instructors Where fun & education collide LINDSAY DAULT, Former Owner of Urban Bee Supplies Inc, Current Owner Country Bee Honey Farm. Lindsay Dault is a Master Beekeeper, BCHPA certified instructor, former adviser to the Senate on honeybee health, … Read More

Re-Queening: Why and When to Replace my Queens?

Re-Queening: Why and When to Replace my Queens? Every beekeeper will eventually find that they are faced with the decision of whether or not to re-queen.  Many beekeepers choose to do this pro-actively, while others might find themselves in a … Read More

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