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Sugar Patties (0.5 kg)

Add these sugar bricks to your hive to provide emergency feed for your bees through the Winter in case they run low on honey stores. To make room for these sugar patties below your inner cover you may require a … Read More

Hive Shims – Waxed

These hive shims are waxed and sturdily built with a thickness of 7/8″. The shims are 1.5″ in height. Great for providing room for sugars bricks and fondant, or for providing room for an insulating pillow. Made in Canada.

Wooden Bee Escape (Cone Style)

Wooden bee escape with bee escape cones. Simply place between your honey supers and brood boxes. Bees can exit into the bottom boxes but find it difficult to re-enter. This is an excellent chemical-free way to harvest honey with minimal … Read More

Inner Cover Pad

This insulating pillow is added above the inner cover to help retain heat near the top of the hive. Place above the inner cover. You will need a hive shim in order to add the extra space needed between the … Read More

Robbing Screen (for Wasps)

Robbing screen fits into hive entrance part of bottom board, often leaving a small enough gap for some air flow but not for honeybee or wasp access. Entrance/exit hole located at top. Simply put robbing screen in entrance snug against … Read More

Rapid Feeder

Holds approx. 1/2 gallon of sugar syrup. Very easy to add sugar syrup – just take off the clear plastic top and pour, no disruption of the hive necessary. Keep feeder inside of empty super placed above inner cover and … Read More

Bees & Seeds: Free Education Event August 1st

Workshop on basics of beekeeping, planting for pollinators, plus honey extraction and tasting. Sweet bonus: discount coupons for attendees! Sign up on Eventbrite here: https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/bees-seeds-a-love-story-tickets-65468583295. About this Event Come join us for a night of learning about beekeeping and planting … Read More

Urban Bee Supplies Joins the West Coast Seeds Family

  Urban Bee Supplies is joining the West Coast Seeds Family! Urban Bee Supplies & West Coast Seeds will be hosting a free celebratory education event on August 1st! Full details on this event below: https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/bees-seeds-a-love-story-tickets-65468583295 Urban Bee Supplies is … Read More

Formic Pro

Formic Pro is a varroa mite treatment that uses formic acid as the active ingredient. It has two application options of either 14 days, or 20 days. When applied as intended Formic Pro has an 83-97% efficacy and kills mites under the cap … Read More

Meet your Instructors

Meet Your InstructorsWhere fun & education collide LINDSAY DAULT, Former Owner of Urban Bee Supplies Inc., Current Owner Urban Bee Honey FarmLindsay Dault is a Master Beekeeper, BCHPA certified instructor, adviser to the Senate on Honeybee health, a published beekeeper … Read More

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