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Assembled Wooden Frame with Wax Foundation

Assembled wooden frames with wax foundation already embedded. Ready to go into the hive. Currently only available in standard Langstroth (“deep”) frame size. FRAGILE GOOD – DOES NOT QUALIFY FOR INSURANCE FOR SHIPPING, SHIPS FULLY AT CUSTOMER RISK.

Assembled Wooden Frames, with Wire

Assembled wooden frames with wire. Ready for inserting of wax foundations. Currently only available in standard Langstroth (“deep”) frame size.

Show Me The Honey

A lighthearted, self-deprecating account of one fledgling beekeeper’s misadventures. With wit and warning in equal measure, this informative, refreshingly honest narrative will resonate with any new beekeeper.

Urban Bee Supplies is proud to supply Dave’s book on his beekeeping experience. Dave took classes and has been a customer with Urban Bee Supplies! Way to go Dave on the success of your book, and thank you for having us as part of your beekeeping adventure and story.Read More

June Nucs – Deposit

We are planning to bring in a few batches of 4-frame nucs throughout June. These may be either local or imported queens depending on availability. Comes in ventilated nuc boxes ideal for travel and shipping that are yours to keep! This is just a $15 deposit, the final price is $315 per nuc with the remainder ($300) payable on pick-up.Read More

Drawn Comb (Irradiated)

Starting a hive with brand new equipment?  Adding a few frames of drawn comb will give your bees a jump start! Drawn comb is an essential component of any hive and while the bees can do this themselves it takes … Read More

Mann Lake Automatic 3-Frame Extractor Motorized

Shipping Details: Due to size this product will ship separate from any other items ordered. While most orders ship via Canada Post this item will be shipped via another carrier such as Canpar or UPS. Please note that depending on your location the cost of shipping will be more than the fixed rate at checkout – if it is higher we will call you to confirm final price before shipping.Read More

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