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Pre-Orders Required for Pick-up due to COVID-19

In order to protect the health of customers, staff and those vulnerable in the lives of both, we are temporarily requiring PRE-ORDERING for all pick-ups and are restricting any in-store browsing. This will help prevent crowding and wait times within … Read More

Slatted Rack

Slatted Racks sometimes fly below the radar as one of the most useful pieces of woodenware for your operation. The slatted rack is helpful with overwintering and swarm control. ┬áIt allows the queen to lay lower in the comb and … Read More

Wooden Pollen Trap with Side Drawer

We’ve tried all kinds of traps and this one is worth the money. This pollen trap will get the job done with limited moisture and loss of product. 100% Made in Canada.

Protective Respirator Half Mask

Large Half Mask Type Black Face piece is made of an extremely soft non-allergenic elastomer for comfort and fit. Face piece featuring low dead air space improves worker assistance by limiting re-breathing of exhaled air. Face piece with contoured sealing … Read More

Safety Goggles

A very important safety necessity when applying formic acid or oxalic acid to your hive. These are clear lens indirect vent goggles that provide comfort, visibility, and most importantly protection!

Queen Bees for Spring 2020

Check out are queen bee options for this coming Spring here. Including: Buckfasts, Carniolins and Local queens! Carniolin queens from Australia, arriving late March. Buckfast queens from Italy, arriving late April. LIMITED quantities, reserve in advanced! Locally produced queens – … Read More

Varroa Sticky Board & Screen

Sticky board grid for counting mite drop; mites drop and get stuck to the surface. The grid allows for easy counting to determine infestation levels. The screen is placed over top of the Sticky Board to provide bees something to … Read More


Are you in the Greater Vancouver area and looking for a little help with your hives from an experienced beekeeper? Get in contact with us and we can arrange a consultation with one of our experienced contractors! We are lucky … Read More

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