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Extraction Services

Local Honey Extraction ServicesWe are happy to offer customers an easy and clean way to get all that sticky honey removed from your hive…..Bring it to us! $1.20/Pound $15.00 Clean-up Fee Honey extraction is done on a per pound basis, … Read More

Hive Alive

Hive Alive is a feed supplement scientifically proven to deliver stronger colonies, increase honey production, keep disease levels low and improve over-winter success. Hive Alive contains a blend of unique seaweeds, scientifically selected for honeybee health. Simply add to sugar … Read More

Discounted Bulk & Commercial Pricing

Please see below link for all commercial pricing.  Found a better price for the same product from a local competitor? We’ll do our best to match it. Simply email us your current quote. Commercial Pricing Urban Bee Supplies 2018

4 Frame Nucs

4 frame nucleus colonies available from April 26-June 12. All 4 frame colonies have local bees with local or imported Carniolan queens. Pricing is as follows, with approximate delivery dates stated below: All nucs will be made available for pick-up … Read More

4 Frame Nucs Available NOW!

We have 4 frame nucs available NOW! Local nucs bursting with bees!  Gett’em while they’re still available. Order Now

Hive Top Feeder with Plastic Insert

The Improved Hive Top Feeder comes completely assembled and ready to use. Holds up to 4 gallons of syrup and features a galvanized steel safety screen to prevent drowning of bees! This feeder is constructed of a heavy-duty, single piece … Read More

Apipasta Fondant (1KG)

Comes in 1kg bags. You can also purchase 1 box worth (15kg) or more for a discounted rate. This high-quality fondant can make all the difference for your bees during the winter and early spring. This fondant is soft (without … Read More

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Queens (Local 2018)

ALL DELIVERY DATES ARE APPROXIMATE & POSSIBLY SUBJECT TO CHANGE. When checking out please be sure to review the Terms & Conditions which cover details such as cancellations, queen death in transit to us, queen death when shipping, and other … Read More

Urban Bee Supplies
Screened Bottom Board with Drawer

Our screened bottom board comes with a removable side drawer so you can easily do mite checks and check treatment efficacy. Also provides great ventilation on those hot days. Extra replacement drawers available for purchase separately. Made in Canada.

Ultimate Kit with Plastic Frames

Our Ultimate Beekeeping kit has everything a new beekeeper would need. Perfect for someone just getting into the hobby or as the ultimate gift! It includes all the little things that we want with us when we go into our … Read More

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