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    Pre-Orders Now Required for Pick-Up due to COVID-19
  • Dates:
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    Nucs Available!
    May 15th/16th
    May 22nd/23rd
  • Still Available!
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    2020 (Safe-Distance) Consultations
  • &
    2020 Queens Available
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    Spring Imports
    Mid-May to August
    Local Queens
  • Assembled Boxes
    - Ready to go
    - Save Time
    for Splits/Swarms
    - Assem. Frames
    available too.
    * Painting/staining will still be required.
  • - Ready to Use
    - Residue Free
    - Natural & Biodegradable
    Why Formic Pro?
    - High Mite Kill Efficiency
    - Longer Shelf Life than MAQS
    - No Mite Resistance
    - Stronger & Milder Treat Options
  • to help
    - Nasanov pheromone attracts scout bees from swarms
    Check out our TempQueen with QMP as well
    - We have nuc boxes available to use for baiting
    Make the most of Swarm Season
    - Easy and safe to use
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Pre-Orders Required for Pick-up due to COVID-19

In order to protect the health of customers, staff and those vulnerable in the lives of both, we are temporarily requiring PRE-ORDERING for all pick-ups and are restricting any in-store browsing. This will help prevent crowding and wait times within … Read More

Queen Bees for Spring 2020

Check out are queen bee options for this coming Spring here. Including: Buckfasts, Carniolins and Local queens! Carniolin queens from Australia, arriving late March. Buckfast queens from Italy, arriving late April. LIMITED quantities, reserve in advanced! Locally produced queens – … Read More