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Our new veil is great! It has the hood of the full coveralls with a half shirt attached.  The arm holes are elastic to allow for stretch and protection.  It's all in one, and one size fits all.

Veil- One size fits all-Small Size only (Ideal for kids or people with a small frame)


Coverall beekeeping suits made of cotton with an attached veil.  Wrist and ankle elastics ensure no bees can get in.  These suits are thick enough to stop the sting but thin enough so that you don't sweat to death.  Head veil is attached to a sturdy zipper that allows you to easily take it on and off.  Available in Adult sizes XXS, XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL & XXXL.

Beekeeping Suit with Veil


Protect your hands from painful stings, these gloves are made of cowhide and provide a good fit.  They have long thick sleeves to provide extra protection.  Available in sizes XXS, XS, S, M, L & XL

We are currently sold out of sizes xxs and xs.

Beekeeping Gloves with guantlet


This beekeeping jacket with zippered hood  is great for those that don't need a full suit. Available in Sizes S and XXXL only at this time.

Beekeeping Jacket


A great way to get your kids into the hives to learn about bee. These suits are available in XS  and M.  The XS suit will fit a 4-7 year old, and a M will fit a 6-10 year old.  Please specify size when ordering. If you are unsure of sizing for your child please email us with their measurements.



Copper pennies stamped with 'Bee the Change', available with a copper or silver chain with matching gold or silver honey bees.  A beautiful piece of jewelry for any beekeeper.

All necklaces are brass with silver or rose gold plating, hypoallergenic, lead and nickel free. Made locally in North Vancouver.

'Bee the Change' necklace



Use this plastic helmet with a simple veil to attach over top.  See below corresponding items.

Plastic Helmet with adjustable strap


Wire mesh veil with draw string, helmet not included.

Wire Mesh Veil with draw string-Temporarily Sold out


Simple nylon mesh veil.  Helmet not included

Simple Veil-Black Mesh-SOLD OUT